What is Sleeve Gastrectomy?

A Sleeve Gastrectomy is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the volume of the stomach to about 15% of what it was. Reducing the volume of the stomach means that less food is consumed before a feeling of “fullness” occurs. By eating less food to receive the same sense of satisfaction of feeling “full” it becomes easier to lose weight since the amount of energy one is consuming is actually less than what it would have been with the stomach at its complete volumetric capacity.

This procedure has been a staple bariatric option for surgeons for over 20 years, but new techniques in the how the procedure is delivered have made it safer over the last few years.

Whilst the long-term results of newer techniques are as yet unknown, sleeve gastrectomy is currently considered one of the three major operations offered for tackling obesity, together with gastric banding and bypass.

Each of these surgical procedures has advantages and disadvantages and are worth discussing in full with your batiatric surgeon at consultation if you are considering weight loss surgery.

It is important to weigh up the option with your surgeon on what is the best procedure for you and your situation as there are many different factors affecting which process will best suit you and your situation. Things to consider are costs, whether the surgery you wish to have is reversible or not, recovery time and the long-term impacts on your life. These questions can all be discussed at length with your bariatric surgeon prior to any final decisions being made and your surgeon should take all of the above into consideration when advising you on your best course of action.

This week I am in Melbourne training on several new modifications of the technique for sleeve gastrectomy which I will introduce into practice to make the procedure safer than earlier versions of this procedure


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