If you are at least 15 kilograms overweight, with a BMI of at least 30 kg/m2 and one or more obesity related comorbid conditions, you should know: the LAP-BAND System may be able to help you lose weight – helping you to avoid weight-related health risks, and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

The LAP-BAND System has been proven in studies to significantly reduce weight and body mass steadily and consistently with patients maintaining their weight loss over time. Safely and effectively, the revolutionary yet simple technology behind the LAP-BAND Adjustable Gastric Banding System reduces the amount of food that your stomach can hold at one time. This helps you gradually lose weight and keep it off so you can live a healthier life – for your children, your family, and yourself.

“LAP-BAND” is often incorrectly referred to as the generic name for any stomach banding procedure. However, “LAP-BAND” is in fact, the trademark for the original FDA/TGA approved adjustable gastric banding device manufactured and sold by Apollo.

Mr Stephen Wilkinson based in Hobart and operating in a multi-disciplinary clinic at both Hobart Private Hospital, St Vincent’s Calvary Hospital in Launceston and at Northwest Private Hospital, Burnie, has performed more than 3,200 Lap-Band procedures and is regularly invited by both the media and Key Opinion Leader Meetings with his colleagues to present on his results and his extensive experience with the Lap-Band system. To find out more or to make an enquiry, call us on (03) 6214 6063 or enquire online through the ‘Enquiry’ links on this website.

LAP-BAND® Surgery

The LAP-BAND® Surgery is designed to reduce the amount of food that the stomach can hold by using an adjustable gastric band around the top of the stomach to restrict the amount of food that can be eaten. Since its clinical introduction in 1993, more than 180,000 LAP-BAND®procedures have been performed around the world, 14,000* of which have been in Australia.

lap-band_1-1.jpgThe benefits of the LAP-BAND® Surgery are:

  • It is adjustable and reversible
  • The surgery is performed through small incisions and with long-shafted instruments
  • There are no major cuts to the abdomen
  • The gastric band, like a belt, is fastened around the top of the stomach
  • Unlike other bariatric surgery, the stomach and intestines are not cut or re-routed
  • The band presses on the stomach creating sensations of fullness. The band can be adjusted to increase or decrease hunger sensations
  • Only small amounts of food can be eaten at once because of the tiny pouch above the band
  • Even though weight loss surgery patients often have many other serious illnesses, the comparable risk is about the same as for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal).


Am I a Candidate?

LAP-BAND® Procedure is not for everyone.

Whilst it can produce excellent weight loss results, the LAP-BAND® Procedure suits only certain people.

There are some of the things Dr Stephen Wilkinson will take into account when evaluating your suitability for obesity procedures and the LAP-BAND® System is not right for you in certain circumstances.