The ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program is a bariatric medical procedure for weight loss. It primary objective is to promote sustainable, healthy gastric habits with long-term effects.

It is a two-part program that consists of the surgical procedure itself being performed by a bariatric surgeon, and a program to help the patient maintain the level of healthy weight achieved in part one.

The intra gastric balloon is surgically inserted in the patient’s stomach for a period of 6-months. This is done to achieve a degree of portion control in terms of the volume of food that is consumed.

The team at the Tasmania Anti-Obesity Surgery Centre are here to support and guide you through this part of the process.

The second part of the program is just as vital to maintaining successful weight loss as the first. Post-surgery, in order to maintain your new healthy weight, a regime of diet and exercise must be adhered to. However, this diet and exercise program is not something we simply ‘download’ from the internet. It is a very specific program designed for you and your situation to help support you in making healthy lifestyle choices.


ORBERA® is a non-surgical procedure. The Orbera gastric balloon is a temporary device designed to boost your current weight loss efforts during the 12-month program. Though it is not a permanent device, (yes it is removable) it allows you to learn portion control and develop healthy changes in your gastric (eating) habits that can last well beyond the 6 month balloon placement. This is vital to achieving your ideal, healthy weight because you are effectively rewiring your brain to employ healthy gastric habits.

Placement of the balloon within the stomach generally takes around 20 minutes. For this procedure, you will lightly sedated. The deflated balloon is inserted into your stomach endoscopically through your mouth. Immediately after the balloon is put in place, it is filled with sterile salt water. After the procedure you will regain complete awareness of your faculties and remain in the clinic for observation until the doctor discharges you.

Should the balloon need to be removed, it is done so through the mouth in a similar manner, under the same supervised surgical conditions.

Weight Loss with ORBERA®

There is a significant amount of clinical evidence that suggest an average of 10-15kg in weight loss can occur in just 6 months after the orbera gastric balloon procedure has taken place. However, this is largely dependent on the patient’s starting weight, (pre –surgery) and how ‘well’ they adapt to the lifestyle changes.

After 12 months with the ORBERA® two-part program, patients lost over 3 times the weight of diet and exercise alone. Again, the enthusiasm of the patient to embrace the recommendations of their bariatric surgeon is critical in determining the overall success of the program.

How Is The ORBERA® Surgical Procedure Performed?

This is a gastric weight-loss procedure and is performed via gastroscopy under light sedation. Under these conditions, the Orbera gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach endoscopically through the mouth. The procedure alone is very minimally invasive and takes approximately 20 minutes.

After 6 months, the intra-gastric balloon is removed and your support team at the Tasmania Anti-Obesity Surgery Centre will continue to guide you toward making healthy lifestyle choices so the weight loss goals you achieve remain a permanent fixture of your life.

Is ORBERA® Surgical Procedure and Program Proven?

The procedure has been evaluated in over 230 global clinical studies over the last (approximately) two decades. Studies show an average weight loss of 10-15kg in the 6-month time frame.

There have been over 220,000 of these gastric procedures performed worldwide across 20 years, and with ORBERA®, 70 to 80 percent of weight loss typically occurs during the first three months of treatment.

However, maintaining that weight loss is critical to the success of the Obera program, so it is very important that your team of experts are there to guide you through any challenges you may face post-surgery. Remember, you are adopting new nutritional habits, and establishing a reasonable exercise routine tailored to you, that will be essential in meeting your long-term weight loss goals.

How Does Orbera® Compare with Diet & Exercise, or Other Weight Loss Programs?

Results show that it is realistic to expect to lose three times the weight with Orbera® than you would with diet and exercise alone.

Many diet programs are difficult to maintain and you will inevitably struggle with feeling hungry. It is not just a matter of will power, rather there is a need to rewire the brain to form good gastric habits that will serve you long after your surgical procedure.

With Orbera® you eat smaller meals, because the balloon takes up space in your stomach. You are able to control your eating, learn portion control and make healthy changes in your eating habits. This is the catalyst in helping you change your eating / exercise habits.

ORBERA® is indicated for a BMI of 27 and above