Dr Stephen Wilkinson also uses the Orbera® Intra-gastric Balloon weight management system.

This system is suitable for individuals who may not yet be in the morbid obese range, but need to lose 15-25kg in order to kick start their weight loss program.

Additional information on gastric balloon surgery is available from Tasmania Antiobesity Surgery Centre, and the system can also be seen at the official Orbera®  website.


  1. The Orbera® balloon is inserted non-surgically through the mouth.
  2. The Orbera® balloon is put in place within the stomach.
  3. The Orbera® balloon is filled.
  4. The Orbera® balloon is left in the stomach until time of removal.

What is Orbera®?

The Orbera® Managed Weight Loss System is an effective, non-surgical program for weight loss – with proven results.

The journey begins with a medically placed device, the Orbera® System intragastric (inside the stomach) balloon, which is inserted into your stomach to encourage portion control.  In conjunction with a habit changing action plan, the Orbera® System provides a kick-start to healthy, sustained weight loss.

The Orbera® System has been a clinically accepted treatment for weight loss internationally for years.

For more information about the Orbera® System website.

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